Collection 21/22

Over the last year we have found comfort within our homes in ways we never thought possible. Who would have ever thought that these spaces would have slowly become the centre of our lives and most of our social interactions? Spending all this time at home, we have been forced to re-evaluate the functionality of our objects and their ordinariness. We had to rethink how we add meaning to what we choose to put into our home. With that in mind, we are delighted to share how our brand new 21/22 collection was born out of the idea that coming back home can still be made exciting. To do so, we added new stylish shapes, wall art, colours and prints to current collections, and created totally new ones to bring a new sense of discovery and freshness to your home.

So let’s not wait any longer, take a walk inside and rediscover your home through the lenses of our brand new HK additions.

Just the same old entrance? Not anymore, because as you arrive home now, you are met by new handmade woven rugs, with their funky colours and organic white pattern that draw your gaze to the floor. Suddenly, the hall entrance you often overlooked has a new brightness that brings unexpected charm. After taking a few steps, thanks to the combination of warm lighting created by our brand new Mix and Match lighting collection and the new jungle inspired art to your wall, you are embraced by a warm and cosy atmosphere reminiscent of how it used to feel when you first moved in.

Stepping into your living room, you can’t help but notice the fresh energy that the new additions to our populair Bold & Basic collection have on your dining table. The colours are elegantly combined with minimalist shapes, creating a new balance that makes every detail stand out. The perfect aesthetic choice if you want to impress your guests at the next dinner party!

If you are still in love with the eclectic, daring and bright looks of the 70s instead, the new additions of coffee mugs, teapot shapes, spoons and new 70s vases complete the look of your living room cabinetry and add a timely new aesthetic to your home cooked meals. Bringing some groovy vibes to your favourite dishes that you can share with all your family and friends who are finally coming over again.

And whether is the additions of the divan and loveseat to the retro look of your Vint couch, or the newest Club couch, with its elegant lines, soft beige colour and made in Italy New Royal fabrics, your living room has been re-energized and you can’t wait to spend time in it. It doesn’t stop there! While relaxing on your new couch, the powerful feminine shapes of your new Sella Molenaar’s wall art capture your attention and instill in you a feeling of creative self-discovery you just can't get enough of. 

After this past year, it is time to put all your memories and habits you have created behind, and embrace your home again with the new vibrant styles and additions that complement interiors and leave you inspired, energized and with a renewed sense of love for your home, and the making of new memories in it. Are you ready for it?


Chapter 3

We are spending more time at home than ever before, so now is the perfect time to make your house your home!

And what better way to do this than with our newest chapter of Collection 20/21: Chapter 3! We’ll show you a mix of fabulous new items, shapes, art, colours, prints and some ‘good old’ basic - and vintage items. Not only for indoors; we also got the outdoors covered.

Where to start? Well, your favourite hangout in the house these days must be your couch. If you love natural products, we definitely recommend you to have a look at our iconic Vint couch on page … We gave this beauty a new soft linen blend fabric.

Do you occasionally get that feeling that the walls are closing in on you? A way to spice them up, is by having a fabulous piece of art on it. Fancy it? Admire our extensive and various collection of extraordinary wall art. We added some new abstract art pieces to it too.

Now is the perfect time to make an extension of your living area by decorating the outdoors as a part of your interior. By doing so you obviously need one really important item: a good looking bench to sit on, with the most comfy cushions you can ever imagine. 

The the next introduction should be our collaboration and co-creation with DORIS vintage: DORIS for HKLIVING. It was love at first sight with her work: vintage inspired items. As summer is around the corner, we decided to add a DORIS for HKLIVING vintage touched umbrella to our outdoor collection. We also upgraded our cushion collection by adding new vintage inspired cushions to the DORIS for HKLIVING collection. Oh, and these puffy friends do look amazingly good on our outdoor benches!

Enjoy Collection 20/21 Chapter 3!



Chapter 1 & 2

We are thrilled to introduce our new Collection 20/21, Chapter 1. ‘The first 100’ items, specially designed for you!

A mix of fabulous new styles, new shapes, new art, new colours, new prints, and some ‘good old’ basic - and vintage items. Collection 20/21 takes you on an inspirational journey along four inspirational regions: from North to East, via West to South. Gained inspiration, merged in four styles, each with their own typical feel and vibe. The Northern inspirational style is minimalistic, with frosted colours, clean basic natural looks and chrome as the new additional colour. While the Eastern vibe gives you boudoir, French floral fashion based styles as well as beautiful vintage classics. In the Southern style you feel, sense and smell Menorca, the Mediterranean, organic natural colours and materials. The Western inspirational style brings you urban -, city - and street vibes, funky colours and travel treasures. By mixing & matching all styles, you create your own perfect vibe.

The curvy silhouettes of the matt white vases mix beautifully with the crispy white framed brutalism painting and our clean shaped JAX couch elements. Complete the look with a vibrant mix of cushions, a green glass vase and our natural wool retro rug.





Are you the chef at home? With our Home Chef ceramics, you will blow everyone’s mind! The high-quality ceramics are made of hotel porcelain – a stronger kind of ceramic – made for professional use. Mix the different designs and colours for a perfect home chef table setting.

 When it comes to funky colours and finishes, it really is time to shine for our 70’s ceramics. New shapes and designs found their way into this series, to give it that seventies glow. There is much more to collect and much more to mix & match. And many more ways of adding some jaw-dropping attention to your kitchen and cupboard.

 What memory pops into your head, smelling your favourite scent? Northern Soul, Floral Boudoir, Casa Fruits or Cocktails in Manhattan? Our new scented candles will create your own vibrant style and memory at home.

In the end, we always look to highlight an array of styles, as long as they strike a contemporary note and complement your home and your vibe. Be inspired!