Design philosophy

/ A throwback to ancient times

Welcome to our HKliving 2020 catalogue, the edition that brings you everything; from emerging style trends to a throwback into ancient times. Yes, you read that right, in this edition we put the spotlight on the era of the Greek mythology. We created a collection that will take you back to ancient Greece. We are thrilled to show you around!

Sprint to our collection to find those Greek influenced designs in our new tableware collection Athena ceramics. Swoon over the delicate shell shaped serving trays while setting the dinner table with geometrically shaped plates. Your dining chairs will fit elegantly under our new pillar dining table. The pillar table is available in black and white and comes in 3 different sizes.

To backup the Roman inspired product range, we added several Greek style vases to our ever expanding collection. From column vases to their shell shaped counterparts. It’s easy to create your own show-stopping display without having to add pretty flowers.

Although our designer hearts are set on the ancient Greek times, we never lose sight of emerging style trends. Scroll through the catalogue to find our take on the terrazzo & marble trend. From elegant marble side tables to funky terrazzo cutting plates, the two trends have teamed up and look better -than ever- together.



While taking that direction, of wandering in the past, we felt we also had to upgrade our Vint couch design. Therefore we created Jax, a couch with a sensational look-at-me feel. What else is allowed to take up that much space? Jax highlights our vision of combining beauty with practicality. The round elements look so inviting but stylish at the same time. Shape your living space with Jax, for the best seat position possible.

We had to throw in some sassy stripes to add a splash of color to the scheme. Our new collection of striped pillows in velvet will revamp every space in and around the house. This sophisticated look is also easy to achieve with the striped velvet bedlinen or the striped velvet lobby bench.

Last but surely not least, the collection wouldn’t be complete without the company of a couple of heroes from the past. Greek god Apollo accompanied by David give your living area that bold and classic look.

Are you ready to take a step back into the ancient Greek times?


/ welcome new additions

Spring is the start of new life and new beginnings. So is our HKliving Spring additions 19! Our newest edition is jam-packed with new designs, real collector items and funky new homeware. From minimalistic shapes to edgy art; with our new grand designs, you will be able to turn your house into a gallery home.

Now is the time to display your key pieces like a real treasure trove. Carefully select your treasures and combine them with crafty ornaments like the handcrafted ceramic faces from Peru or the impeccable matte white vases. We carefully handpicked them for the right exposure on your wall or on top of a charming cabinet. Our retro webbing cabinet will be the perfect fit for that! This lovely cult classic now comes with shelves, ready to store away all your clutter in style.  

Illuminate your Art Deco layout with our minimalistic design circle table lamp. This statement light brings a sense of luxury to every indoor space. Sit back and relax in our new coral red studio sofa. This comfy retro two-seater really complements your living area. 

But then above all your house is your home. So make sure that you surround yourself not only with the things you love but also with the smells you like. Indulge your senses with our LTD. fragrances and put them on show on the dining- and bedside table. These lush terracotta look scents spice up every household.

Last but not least we created a new bag for all the fashionista’s out there. These beauties are your newest arm jewellery and have to be seen. 

/ We invite you to take a look yourself.


Welcome back to the 80's! The era of all things colourful and where everything was possible. It has been long coming, and it's here. Revisit this abundant decade of design together with us. You will have no regrets, promise!

Not only the fashion industry has seen its constant revival, also in our interiors we long for some 80's must-haves. Have a look through our collection and see how we put our main focus on vintage and retro designs. A good example is our funky vintage lighting. Or indulge in our new collection of gallery ceramics. The beautiful pastel colours and soft oval shapes of this tableware is so retro! It is definitely what you want to put on show at your dinner table.

As trends seem to repeat themselves, we witnessed the revival of the Art Deco in that same decade, Curved ceramics and rounded furniture with a modern twist were the key items of the 80's deco. Have a look at out iconically shaped vases collection and you will see what we mean. 

And do you remember the cane webbing chairs that were a big hit in the 80's? We couldn't resist to bring those cult classics back to life. Of course designed in a contemporary look, made to fit in every modern interior. 



Also the Dutch design movement had a big influence on our interior designs. The world got inspired by their minimalistic, experimental, innovative and unconventional approach. Alongside the geometric shapes and primary colours of the popular Memphis style, Dutch design defines a big part of our current collection.

Last but not least we should not forget about our new retro addition to the HKliving family. The key family hang out spot in most homes; the vintage couch. Especially designed for families that love their couch and like to move it around in any preferred position.

Are you still a fan of our 'real loved retro sofa'? You're in luck because it just had a restyle in four new velvet colours and is now also available in leather! Check it out to pick your favourite colour. All couches are available in our specially selected fabrics.

Our 2019 collection shows you the style of the 80's and how easily it can be integrated into a modern design home.

We hope you love our new items as much as we do.