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At HKliving we like to get inspired by the world around us, not only through our experiences with different cultures but also by experiencing the work of others. And sometimes, in that search for inspiration, a unique collaboration arises....


Artist Tiny de Vries                                                                   

In our search to add an extra sparkle to our collection, we decided to work with an artist. We instantly fell in love with the work of Dutch artist Tiny de Vries. Her very unique but recognisable style, her absolute talent, the array of materials she works with and her dreamy way of storytelling had us excited. 

Tiny is an artist at heart. From where she grew up to the places she travels to; she always tells her stories through art. In 2014 Tiny founded design studio Tiny Stories. Here she works on graphic design projects, hand-drawn prints, paintings and illustrations for clients troughout Europe, US & Asia.

The HKLiving collection                                                            

The art collection that Tiny developed, in collaboration with us, includes a variety of portraits and landscapes. The portraits are painted on paper from used books, while the landscapes earned their position on old book covers. It's exactly that what gives her art that playful, romantic and mostly artistic look. In Tiny's own words: "The works is intuitive, positive, exotic, bohemian and feminine."

The colours of the landscapes lend themselves perfectly to also be printed on fabric. So two sets of cushions were made with one getting spiced up with a few extra yarns. 


We at HKLiving, believe that Tiny's art is an enrichment to our existing collection. But please feel free to experience that yourself by letting her take you by the hand to tell her own tiny stories @Tiny Stories. 

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